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Published 2020-11-13

Tove Fall: Biobanks are a prerequisite for biological research

>> Download the article as PDF It is thanks to samples from biobanks that Tove Fall can investigate what changes when a person goes from… » Läs mer

Published 2020-11-13

Margareta Kristensson: Living conditions and psychosocial factors affect the risk of heart attack

>> Download the article as PDF People’s living conditions and psychosocial situation affect the risk of having a heart attack. Differences in income have particularly… » Läs mer

Published 2020-11-13

Eskil Degsell: Involving patients more leads to better care

>> Download the article as PDF Medical research is a cornerstone in enabling healthcare to offer better treatments. Everything from flu to cancer. But there… » Läs mer

Published 2020-11-13

Joar Franzén: Improved preventive treatment for stomach cancer

>> Download the article as PDF Gastric cancer is one of the most common cancers and the third most common cause of cancer deaths. Every… » Läs mer

Published 2020-11-13

Anders Ståhlberg: Faster and more individualized cancer treatment

>> Download the article as PDF Anders Ståhlberg works on developing new ways to detect cancer with the help of blood and urine samples. The… » Läs mer

Published 2020-11-13

Alexander Lind: he wants to solve the mystery of narcolepsy

>>Download the article as PDF Autoimmune diseases are a major issue. They affect many in the form of, for instance, type 1 diabetes, gluten intolerance… » Läs mer

Published 2020-11-13

Roger Olofsson Bagge: Patient-centered studies for better cancer treatments

>> Download the article as PDF Breast cancer and malignant melanoma are among the most common cancers in Sweden. Just over a thousand people die… » Läs mer

Published 2020-11-13

Jonas Halfvarsson: New personalized treatment for IBD

>> Download the article as PDF Inflammatory bowel disease, IBD, is a serious illness that affects thousands of people in Sweden. Jonas Halfvarsson leads a… » Läs mer

Published 2020-04-21

COVID-19 and Ethical, Legal and Societal Issues

On April 24, BBMRI-ERIC holds a webinar with focus on the ethical issues encountered and addressed during the COVID-19 outbreak in relation to biobanking focusing… » Läs mer

Published 2020-03-25

Covid-19: Priority for biobank applications in connection with covid-19

Due to the current situation, the Swedish Medical Products Agency and the Swedish Ethical Review Authority will prioritise applications linked to Covid -19 . Since… » Läs mer

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