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Published 2020-11-13

Tove Fall: Biobanks are a prerequisite for biological research

It is thanks to samples from biobanks that Tove Fall can investigate what changes when a person goes from being healthy to getting diabetes or… » Läs mer

Published 2020-11-13

Margareta Kristensson: Living conditions and psychosocial factors affect the risk of heart attack

People’s living conditions and psychosocial situation affect the risk of having a heart attack. Differences in income have particularly large effects in today’s Sweden. Margareta… » Läs mer

Published 2020-11-13

Eskil Degsell: Involving patients more leads to better care

Medical research is a cornerstone in enabling healthcare to offer better treatments. Everything from flu to cancer. But there is another group playing an important… » Läs mer

Published 2020-11-13

Joar Franzén: Improved preventive treatment for stomach cancer

Gastric cancer is one of the most common cancers and the third most common cause of cancer deaths. Every year, around 1,000 new cases are… » Läs mer

Published 2020-11-13

Anders Ståhlberg: Faster and more individualized cancer treatment

Anders Ståhlberg works on developing new ways to detect cancer with the help of blood and urine samples. The samples are easy to take and… » Läs mer

Published 2020-11-13

Alexander Lind: he wants to solve the mystery of narcolepsy

Autoimmune diseases are a major issue. They affect many in the form of, for instance, type 1 diabetes, gluten intolerance (celiac disease), rheumatoid arthritis and… » Läs mer

Published 2020-11-13

Roger Olofsson Bagge: Patient-centered studies for better cancer treatments

Breast cancer and malignant melanoma are among the most common cancers in Sweden. Just over a thousand people die each year from breast cancer, and… » Läs mer

Published 2020-11-13

Jonas Halfvarsson: New personalized treatment for IBD

Inflammatory bowel disease, IBD, is a serious illness that affects thousands of people in Sweden. Jonas Halfvarsson leads a research project that will develop more… » Läs mer

Published 2020-04-21

COVID-19 and Ethical, Legal and Societal Issues

On April 24, BBMRI-ERIC holds a webinar with focus on the ethical issues encountered and addressed during the COVID-19 outbreak in relation to biobanking focusing… » Läs mer

Published 2020-03-25

Covid-19: Priority for biobank applications in connection with covid-19

Due to the current situation, the Swedish Medical Products Agency and the Swedish Ethical Review Authority will prioritise applications linked to Covid -19 . Since… » Läs mer

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