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Published 2018-10-30

Biobank Sweden launches ELSI Helpdesk

The Swedish Research Council-funded research infrastructure Biobank Sweden supports healthcare providers and universities with medical faculties working towards national harmonization in biobanking. Biobank Sweden launches… » Läs mer

Published 2018-10-02

Transferring biobank research data between the EU and African countries

Despite the fact that the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides ways to transfer data, it is difficult to find ways to share data… » Läs mer

Published 2018-10-02

Genetic risk: Should researchers let people know?

Should researchers inform research participants, if they discover genetic disease risks in the participants? Yes, many would say, if the information is helpful to the… » Läs mer

Published 2018-10-02

Likelihood not always informative when making sense of genetic risk

The likelihood of disease is not always informative to research participants. The numeric sense of genetic risk does not always correspond to their understanding of… » Läs mer

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