A national infrastructure for biobanking

Biobank Sweden is not a biobank but a national infrastructure for biobanking where healthcare, academia, industry, and patient organisations collaborate to attain good healthcare and research.

Here on our website you can find information and documents regarding how to access samples in Swedish biobanks for research, method development or clinical trials.

A new Biobank Act

Find information in English regarding the new Swedish Biobank act, effective July 1, 2023.

Biobank Cohort Forum

Watch our webinars for latest discussions regarding biobank cohorts

New project to improve efficiency of healthcare integrated biobanking and strengthen Swedish research

Biobank Sweden has secured project funding through Swelife to ensure a continued development of the successful model ‘healthcare integrated biobanking’. The project which will go on until 2026, aims to increase the efficiency of the national model and thereby strengthening medical research while also contributing to equal care and health benefits in Sweden. Healthcare integrated […]

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Provrör med blå korkar i ett ställ.

The Swedish multicentre principle comes to an end

The Swedish principle for multicentre studies involving biobank samples, came to an end in July due to the new Swedish Biobank Act. The multicentre principle was originally developed by Biobank Sweden to match the requirements in the former Swedish Biobank Act (2002:297). In 2003, when the first Swedish Biobank Act came into force, the national […]

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Bild som visar en samling av prov.

New routine enables access to 1.5 million Swedish COVID-19 samples for research

Thanks to a unique collaboration with the Swedish regions and the National Pandemic Center (NPC) at Karolinska Institutet, Biobank Sweden is launching a national COVID-19 sample collection for research. With a new national application process, the purpose is to foster research related to COVID-19 through easier access to samples stored at the NPC. Many samples […]

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Why are biobanks so important?

In these interviews, reseachers share their personal reflections on how biobanks aid research and the development of improved healthcare.

Joar Franzén

Improved preventive treatment for stomach cancer

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Fotografi på Joar Franzén
Ingvar Bergdahl

Västerbotten is a unique resource for public health research

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Ingvar Bergdahl
Alexander Lind

He wants to solve the mystery of narcolepsy

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