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L1. Access to sample collection and personal data for research 6.0

L1a. Appendix Information about existing clinical samples in pathology and cytology biobanks 5.7

L1b. Appendix: Information about existing samples in biobanks 5.4

L1f. Regions included in the study 5.1

L1g. Appendix. Samples in study 5.0

K4. Instruction for completion of form L1 6.0

N1a. Multicentre Agreement 5.8

N1b. Appendix 5.3

N2. Request for alteration of agreement according to the multicentre principle 5.5

N3a. Report on completed study sampling in multicentre studies 5.5

N3b. Appendix 1, Report on completed sampling 5.1

M3. Instruction to MC N1a 5.8

L2a1. AGREEMENT on the transfer of Human Biological Material to a Research Principal 5.4

L2a1a. Example of wording regarding the transfer of conditions in L2a1 to Third Party

L2a2. AGREEMENT on the transfer of Human Biological Material in case of a Sponsor 5.4

L2a3. AGREEMENT on the transfer of Human Biological Material when the Research Principal is the same as the Biobank Principal 5.5

K5. MTA information English 5.7

B1. Glossary

K1c. Appendix_Checklist for Researcher who is Sample Collection Controller 5.5

K2. Form selector 5.2

K7. Guide to Biobanks in Sweden 5.2

L3. Special provisions 5.2

N4. Signing of power of attorney 5.1

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