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Price list for clinical trials

On this page you will find national prices for clinical trials (CTR, MDR, IVDR) which involves biological samples.

The price list is decided by the Biobank Sweden management team and applies to all biobank applications made via regional biobank centres (RBC) and regional biobanks in Sweden.

Price per study (unless otherwise stated)Newly collected samples onlyExisting samples is included
Counselling before biobank application0 kr0 kr
New biobank application (valid and assessed)9000 kr12 500 kr
New biobank application that is cancelled * before application of clinical trial is valid0 kr0 kr
New biobank application that is cancelled * after application of clinical trial is valid4500 kr6250 kr
Application for alteration4500 kr6250 kr
Administrative application for alteration which is not assessed1400 kr1400 kr
Transfer of biobank agreement (after the trial has been transferred to CTR)0 kr0 kr
Decision incl. handling (cost per biobank agreement)1400 kr1400 kr

All prices are VAT exclusive.


= The biobank application will be dismissed if the clinical trial/performance study application is withdrawn, relapsed, or rejected.

existing samples = price applies to applications containing both existing samples and newly collected samples as well as applications for existing samples only.

Latest update: 2024-02-21