New project to improve efficiency of healthcare integrated biobanking and strengthen Swedish research

Biobank Sweden has secured project funding through Swelife to ensure a continued development of the successful model ‘healthcare integrated biobanking’. The project which will go on until 2026, aims to increase the efficiency of the national model and thereby strengthening medical research while also contributing to equal care and health benefits in Sweden. Healthcare integrated […]

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Provrör med blå korkar i ett ställ.

Patient and next-of-kin collaboration for better research and healthcare: Collaboration 2.0: Sustainable collaboration for value and innovation

Patient and next-of-kin involvement is too often treated as a necessary evil or a box to be casually ticked, rather than a central, value-creating activity. In this report, we have built on established frameworks and toolkits and drawn on the documented experiences of collaboration between patients, next of kin, research and healthcare.

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Front page of the report: "Patient and next of kin, collaboration for better research and healthcare 2.0"

The Swedish multicentre principle comes to an end

The Swedish principle for multicentre studies involving biobank samples, came to an end in July due to the new Swedish Biobank Act. The multicentre principle was originally developed by Biobank Sweden to match the requirements in the former Swedish Biobank Act (2002:297). In 2003, when the first Swedish Biobank Act came into force, the national […]

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Bild som visar en samling av prov.

New routine enables access to 1.5 million Swedish COVID-19 samples for research

Thanks to a unique collaboration with the Swedish regions and the National Pandemic Center (NPC) at Karolinska Institutet, Biobank Sweden is launching a national COVID-19 sample collection for research. With a new national application process, the purpose is to foster research related to COVID-19 through easier access to samples stored at the NPC. Many samples […]

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Biobank Sweden completes English translation of the new Swedish Biobank Act

The national infrastructure Biobank Sweden is currently working on a nation-wide implementation of the new Swedish Biobank Act which comes into force on July 1, 2023. As a way of increasing the understanding of the new regulation, Biobank Sweden has produced an unofficial English translation of the new Biobank Act available for download. Sweden will […]

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Scientific output of 13 Swedish research projects with available blood samples and health data – A bibliometric analysis

This bibliometric report is based on data from the period 2016–2020 and summerizes for example; number of quotations, study design and number of co-authors among 13 Swedish research projects. Data in the report is presented in a way to simplify and enable easier comparisons to other national and international cohorts and research infrastructures. The purpose […]

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Front page of the report Scientific output of 13 Swedish research projects.

Nordic Biobank Conference – an important step towards increased collaboration

The first Nordic Biobank Conference was organized in Gothenburg and can in hindsight be seen as an important first step on the way towards a joint future for Nordic biobanks. Focusing on current trends and challenges, the main take-away from the conference was the importance of continued collaboration among the Nordic countries. Five hundred stakeholders from […]

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15 Swedish research projects with blood samples and health data available for future research

Biobank Sweden has in dialogue with 15 medical research projects created this digital brochure, with the purpose of highlighting cohorts with samples and make it easier for researchers to find possible collaborations.

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Bild på framsidan av broschyr - 15 svenska forskningsprojekt version 1.0

New personalized treatment for IBD

Inflammatory bowel disease, IBD, is a serious illness that affects thousands of people in Sweden. Jonas Halfvarsson leads a research project that will develop more personalized treatments for IBD. The research is conducted in close collaboration with healthcare, and has already resulted in new treatments. In Sweden, about 3,000 individuals are diagnosed with IBD every […]

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Jonas Halfvarson

Involving patients more leads to better care

Medical research is a cornerstone in enabling healthcare to offer better treatments. Everything from flu to cancer. But there is another group playing an important role in the process of developing new drugs or treatments: the patients. Eskil Degsell is a patient relative representative at Karolinska University Hospital and on the patient side in numerous […]

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