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Nationella Biobanksrådet

About Biobank Sweden

In the spring of 2017 a new agreement was reached between county councils/regions with university hospitals and universities with a medical faculty, for enhanced collaboration to support biobank infrastructure for healthcare, academia and industry (medical/technical/pharmaceutical).

To implement the agreement, the association “Biobank Sweden” was established (former National Biobank Council and

The agreement originates from the county councils/regions responsibility for healthcare, and the universities responsibility for research and education, as well as the universities need to collaborate with healthcare in order to fulfil their responsibilities. The goal of the extended collaboration is to build a joint, improved and sustainable national biobank infrastructure for healthcare, academia and industry with the best conditions for both national and international collaboration. The enhanced collaboration aims at producing science based on biobank samples for the benefit of public health and the individual patient. Biobank Sweden also aims to facilitate the enforcement of the Swedish Biobanks in Medical Care Act.

In May 2017, the industry organisations Läkemedelsindustriföreningen (LIF), Swedish Medtech, Swedish Labtech and SwedenBIO also joined the main agreement with the purpose of increasing the competitiveness of Swedish medical research and development, and with the aim to promote the development of healthcare. A good collaboration between industry, healthcare and universities promotes coordination of resources made available through the existing collaboration between biobanks, on both a national and local level, as well as within the healthcare regions.

Biobank Sweden consists of a National Steering Committee, with representatives appointed by the county councils/regions and universities with a medical faculty and with representation from industry organisations, a strategic preparatory group, two working committees for regulatory and operative biobank service and a national network of Biobank Coordinators (Swedish: “Biobankssamordnare”).

Biobank Sweden is supported by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions and representatives from patient organisations are also included.





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