About Biobank Sweden

Biobank Sweden is a national infrastructure for biobanking where healthcare, academia, industry and patient organisations collaborate to attain good healthcare and research. 

Biobank Sweden consists of a National Steering Committee, with representatives from the healthcare regions, from universities with medical faculties, and from the industry, an Executive Group, three Working Groups (one for regulatory biobank service, WG1, one for operative biobank service, WG2, and one for future science, WG3), a national network for the regions’ Biobank Coordinators, and representatives from patient organisations.

Biobank Sweden has the support of the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions and has a close collaboration, and a joint steering group, with Genomic Medicine Sweden (GMS).

Thanks to funding from the Swedish Research Council, a strengthened research infrastructure focusing on coordination, efficiency and sustainability in terms of biobank samples and associated healthcare and molecular analysis data, is an integral part of Biobank Sweden’s activities.