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Access to human biological samples in Swedish biobanks

The Swedish Act Biobanks in Medical Care (SFS 2002:297) allows human biological specimens that have been collected and/or stored for healthcare purposes to be used in research and clinical trials if the patient/donor has given consent. To start a sample collection or gain access to existing biobank samples, an agreement with a biobank and an approval by a Swedish Ethics Review Board >> is required. Clinical trials for medical products must also be approved by the Swedish Medical Products Agency >>.

On the righthand side you will find documents available in English on how to access biobanks samples, application forms and instructions for completing an application.

Administrative and operative support

If you are a researcher planning a study involving human biological samples and need advice on how to access existing biobank samples or want to start a sample collection, you can contact the Biobank Coordinator ( Biobankssamordnaren ) in the Healthcare region where you are based . You’ll find contact details to the Biobank Coordinators HERE >>.

There are also several University Hospitals in Sweden offering operative support and biobank services for researchers. They can help with legal and ethical aspects, such as ethical application, consent and donor information, offer sample collection and handling, establish the necessary agreements and provide expertise on what samples to collect and ensuring full traceability of each sample. Links to the University Hospitals offering biobank services can be found HERE >> ( in Swedish ).