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Documents, Application Forms and Instructions

Below you can find and download  documents, instructions and application forms for access to biobank samples for research and clinical trials.


Information about access to samples

C2c. Checklist for researchers
C2d. Checklist- Start research project based on biobank samples
K1. Principles on access to samples for research (only available in Swedish)
K2. Form selector
K3. Example of information for research participants (only available in Swedish)

Biobank agreement and instructions for – Single centre studies,

For applications regarding existing samples or newly collected samples not to be released

K4. Instruction for completion of form L1
L1. Access to sample collection and personal data for research 5.1
L1a. Appendix Information about existing clinical samples in pathology and cytology biobanks 5.0 eng
L1b. Appendix Information about existing liquid-based samples in biobanks 5.0
L1c. Appendix: Information about existing samples in the PKU biobank (only available in Swedish)

Biobank agreement and instructions for – Multi centre studies

For applications regarding newly collected samples to be released

M3. Instruction for completion of the multicentre form N1a
N1a. Access to newly collected biobank samples in multicentre studies
N1b. Appendix B: principal investigators included in the study 5.0
N2. Supplementation to multicentre study application, Appendix A+B, 5.0
N3a. Report on completed study sampling in multicenter studies 5.0
N3b. Appendix 1, Report on completed sampling 5.0
N4. Signing of power of attorney 5.0

Agreements when samples are to be sent for analysis

o K5. Information about AGREEMENTS on the transfer of biological material (Material Transfer Agreement, MTA)
o L2a. MTA – AGREEMENT on the transfer of human biological materials 5.3

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